The 5 Must-Have Work Bags That Will Hold All Your Essentials

With women multitasking all the time, they need a companion that not only looks good but is well equipped to meet all their needs and necessities. At Luxtime you can come across a wide selection of handbags that are elegant and functional. Here we have listed just five such bags that no women would like to part with.

  1. SenreveMaestra: It is pricey no doubt but it is worth its cost as it is made from pure Italian leather that is water resistant and suitable for all year. This versatile bag can have a lot of space and can fit a laptop, phone, notebooks, and a wallet. Available in multiple colors the bag has multiple pockets both inside and outside which makes being organized a breeze.
  2. The O.G by Loh and sons: For fay to work this bag is functional and has multiple pockets for keeping all your essentials. It is large to accommodate a laptop, phone, and place for your shoes. Minimalistic in design it is every working women’s ideal companion.
  3. Cuyana’s work satchel: Of impeccable quality, this work satchel had been designed to hold laptop separately in a large outer pocket while there is a zippered central pocket and another inner slide pocket to keep all the stuff inside the bag organized and easily accessible.
  4. Armadio: The Dassel bag from this company has three separate internal compartments for keeping all your essentials. Made from leather that is comfortable to use, this is a relatively new product that can be bought directly from the company website.
  5. Audrey Brera Briefcase: The only one on the list which has RFID protection – a feature which does not allow anyone to skim your credit card details. The pockets are adequately padded for protection of laptops and other devices. There are specific slots for a pen, phone and business cards.


How Technology Makes Fitness More Interactive

Do you feel exercising is like a chore? Now thanks to the technological advancements in the fitness industry, exercise and workout routine are much more fun. There are varied interactive fitness programs which you could choose so that you are motivated to work harder.  The new technology in the fitness industry also helps to connect people through various individual and competitive programs.

Apart from doing a regular workout, you need to take appropriate fitness supplements in order to support muscle growth and to give energy for performing various activities. Below mentioned are different ways the technology has made the fitness routine more interactive.

Bikes and cycles- These are the most popular ones among the interactive exercise. By combining fun competitive programming and virtual reality, the bikes and cycles help in motivating the people to work out.  It keeps the exercisers engaged throughout so that they do not give up easily.

Social media- Social media has helped in creating a sense of community among the members of the health club. The social media is used to conduct work out session with people who are located at different locations. Even from home, by logging onto the social group, they can join a workout session.  It helps in having a social interaction while you exercise.

Treadmills- There are treadmills which come with a screen that uses virtual reality technology. You will feel that you are taking a walk through the mountain trials or running through a beach shore. It pumps up your energy and makes your fitness routine more fun.

Also, there are various gadgets which help in keeping track of your workout routine and give you a clear idea about how many calories you are losing and what else to do to reach your target of weight loss.  These measurement devices help you to be on track. …